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 Use PayPal to make a supplemental payment, order an optional service, or make a contribution. Thank you!

To use PayPal to pay a registration fee, click the buttons below, then click 'Donate.'  Enter the amount of the payment and your contact information.  You may also use 'donate' make a supplemental payment if you paid an incorrect amount.  Use other buttons to order specific optional services.  Thank You!

 Payment or General Donation

 Use this button to pay a fee online, to make a supplemental payment, or to make a general non-tax-deductible donation to NASW West Virginia Chapter. Enter the amount on the next page and be sure to type in a message explaining the purpose for your payment. Thank you!

Note: Do not use this feature to pay your NASW membership dues! Instead please visit

Attendance Certificate (optional) $10.00
NASWAC Reception (suggested donation): $15.00

NASW Foundation WV Chapter Fund Suggested Donation (optional; non-deductible): $20.00

Note: To make a tax-deductible contribution write a check made payable to ‘NASW Foundation’ and note ‘WV Chapter Fund’ in the memo section.
Mail to:

NASW Foundation
750 First St. NE, Suite 700
Washington, DC 20002
Thank you for your contribution!