Article: Social Work at the Crossroads: How to Resist the Politics of a Donald Trump Presidency


Social Work At The Crossroads: How To Resist The Politics Of A Donald Trump Presidency
The Huffington Post
There are more than 650,000 social workers in the United States with training in mental health, crisis intervention, policy, research, organizing, and advocacy. Social workers perform the vast majority of mental health labor in the United States, but we also work in nonclinical settings in government and non-governmental agencies, schools, colleges and universities, advocacy agencies, etc. There are also 123,000 social workers who are members of NASW who work on setting the policy agenda for the profession as well as advocating for policies that defend and protect those who are most vulnerable and marginalized in our society. Social work can have a big powerful voice that helps people to see the world through a strengths-based model. It is a lens that allows for the possibilities of what the world can be when rooted in justice, equity, and peace. We don’t only see what is broken, we see what is possible beyond the pain and fear that many of our clients understandably carry.

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